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Susie Ncuss Travel n Date

Assalamu'alaykum wr wb

May Peace and Mercy and Blessings of Allah be Upon You

Hi everyone, my name is Susie Ncuss.

I am a full time wife, a social worker from Monday to Friday and 8-5, a female photographer for Posko Studio 86, a woman who loves travelling and also an author of Travel N Date travel blog.

I guess you are here because you want to know a bit about me. 
I'll give it a shot and add some picture to describe my self better.

I Love Traveling With My Husband

As a moslem woman, i prefer traveling with my mahram to protect my self. This blog is a place where i can immortalize the memories my husband and i created in every trip we went.

Susie Ncuss Travel n Date

I Love Food

I and my husband have a similarity: we love food! Every time we visit a city outside our hometown, we always search and try local food. But we have some boundaries: as a moslem, we don't eat pork and other Non Halal Food.

I Love New Experiences

As a woman who grew up in a rural in Sumatera Island and didn't have access to begin an adventure, i love to try everything new. From new beaches, means of transportation, a place i don't know before, to meet and have a collaboration to promote some brands or issues

Susie Ncuss Travel n Date

If you want to make some collaboration with me, 
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I'd be glad to respon your message and give the best for our collaborations.

Wassalamu'alaykum wr wb
May Peace and Mercy and Blessings of Allah be Upon You